Why Is Summer the Best Time To Get Braces?


Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy the pool, beach days, and braces. Yes, you read that right. If you are considering braces or Invisalign in 2022 for your child or teen, summer is arguably the best time to start. While you can get braces anytime, summer offers more time, opportunity, and other benefits your child and teen will appreciate. So, if you are still deciding whether summer braces are best for your child, here are five reasons we recommend summer braces.

Is Getting Braces Over the Summer Better?

Yes, getting braces in the summer is ideal, and no, it won’t hold your kiddos back from enjoying all that summer has to offer. So we put together a list of the top reasons summer braces should be added to your to-do list.

  • Miss Less Time From School and Work

    Traditionally both parents and children have more flexibility over the summer to keep up with appointments without worrying about missing school and work.

  • Summer Is a Great Distraction

    Getting braces over the summer is great, as summer offers lots of distractions while your child or teen gets used to having braces. They can still enjoy camp, swimming, and ice cream, so summer can still be fun while also getting their mind off of their braces.

  • Easier Time Learning About Foods They Can and Can’t Have

    Braces do require care, and there is a list of foods to avoid while wearing braces. Over the summer, you can teach your children about the proper care for their braces, and this helps them avoid worrying about food choices in the cafeteria.

  • The Sooner You Start Treatment, the Sooner You Will Finish

    Braces aren’t forever. The sooner you get them on, the sooner you get them off. So starting over the summer usually gets you ahead by a few months and makes the process easier.

  • Give Them a Few Months To Adjust

    As we mentioned above, there are some adjustments to make when you get braces. Getting braces put on over the summer gives your child or teen the time to adjust to new foods, the feeling of their braces, appointments, and everything else that comes with getting braces. Braces are an exciting time for your child, but it is a big change. We hope this list helped share the benefits of summer braces and alleviate any concerns about braces holding your kids back this summer.

Ready To Start the Process?

If you are considering braces this summer or have any questions about ways to get started, we are here to help. Feel free to give us a call today and schedule a consultation for your child. Are you considering braces or Invisalign for yourself? We offer both adult and child orthodontics, so let’s get you started on that perfect smile. 

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