Reasons to invest in cosmetic dentistry

Reasons To Invest in Cosmetic Dentistry

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Do you know anyone who wants ugly teeth? Of course not, so why do some many people have less than an ideal smile… There are many reasons but some that you may not have considered are your dentist may not be as well versed in cosmetics as you would think and hope. Many times, as dentist we all start out with the grand idea of providing the absolute best for our patients however due to financial restriction, dental insurance restrictions, lack of patient understanding we get ourselves into a rut that is very difficult to get out of.

Dr. Kevin Coughlin and his Ascent Dental Care Team believe we owe it to you to make sure you understand the difference between a great result and a so-so result are often very small and require better communication and understanding between what is done, how it is done and when it is done…

Dr. Coughlin and his team with over 3 decades of cosmetic experience have found the single most important concept in providing beautiful cosmetic dental care come with treatment that is comprehensive and not what we refer to as one tooth at a time treatment. What we mean by this is a comprehensive treatment plan is necessary. Consider for a moment a single room with four walls, you should consider all four walls rather than just one wall. Painting or wall papering just one wall without providing treatment and care to the other three walls will provide less than an ideal result and the same can be applied to your teeth. So many times, I have seen dentist including myself or a patient state I just want this one tooth fixed! Think about if for a moment if we fix just one tooth then that tooth must function with the teeth on either side of it or above and below it. That one tooth will have to take on the size shape and appearance of the adjacent teeth and if those adjacent teeth are less than ideal you will have spent money and time with a less than ideal outcome.

At Ascent Dental Care we strongly suggest a comprehensive approach where we look at your goals and needs along with your current condition in order to determine the best approach for form and function along with color and shape of your teeth. This should first start with creating a health environment for the teeth meaning the periodontal or gum tissue surrounding your teeth must be free of disease which means no bleeding, recession plaque or calculus on any of your teeth, next comes eliminating all spaces rotations and crowding so your teeth interdigitate and function properly and lastly is creating teeth that look and function at their absolute best by placing crowns, bridges and or veneers so your teeth are the correct dimensions in height and width along with color.

At Ascent Dental Care along with its Med spa business Ascent Laser Aesthetics we take our passion to a higher level by looking at the entire face and what we mean by that is by giving proper volume to your lips and cheeks, nasolabial fold, mental crease area and any wrinkles and or frown lines by providing neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport along with a full array of fillers to replace lost collagen around your face. We also provide education and maintenance products to maintain the healthiest skin and appearance with Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light treatments and Radio Frequency treatments and HydraFacial’s, keeping your neck and face as beautiful as your teeth.

Failure to address each and everyone one of these issues is paramount to your overall success. We understand that everyone cannot do everything all at once however when you have a correct plan in place, we can break this plan up into an approach that can be affordable for almost everyone and when completed you have a result your proud of and addresses all your issues rather than just some of those issues. For additional information consider or