5 Invisalign Benefits


So you’re considering Invisalign for you or someone in your family. But should you? What are some of the benefits of Invisalign versus other options? Understanding the advantages of Invisalign can be helpful when deciding whether it is a good option for you. At Ascent Dental Care, we offer Invisalign services to help you smile and feel your best. Here are some Invisalign benefits.

Invisalign Benefits: Comfortable 

The first Invisalign benefit is that they are comfortable. Invisalign aligners mold to teeth without the need for metal braces. You can take them off for meals at your convenience, and you don’t have to worry about the pain of getting braces tightened every few weeks. The aligners are custom-made to your smile, resulting in a comfortable fit.


As the name suggests, Invisalign will straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. If you prefer to transform your smile without the obvious nature of metal braces, Invisalign is for you. It may be a great option for teenagers and adolescents who may prefer a discrete option for braces. Regardless of your circumstances, the invisible nature of Invisalign aligners means they are a good fit for anyone looking for a less obvious orthodontic service.

Easy To Clean

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are easier to clean. You remove your aligners before eating, so you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in them. This is a lot easier than having to make sure you clean in between metal braces, and food can often get stuck there, even if you are careful. Invisalign is a much better option when it comes to cleaning.


No matter which orthodontic option you choose, you want something that will work fast, and depending on your needs, traditional braces can sometimes take years. However, Invisalign can actually often work faster in less time. This is great news if you want to minimize the time spent in braces! Orthodontists switch Invisalign aligners at visits frequently, so they work efficiently to transform your smile with comfort that fits with your lifestyle. Invisalign effectively treats common orthodontic concerns like crowding, over and underbites, gapped teeth, and cross bites.

Lifestyle Invisalign Benefits

A final Invisalign benefit is that they fit into any lifestyle. With traditional braces, you have to be careful what you eat as sometimes food can get stuck in between the brackets. However, there is much more freedom with Invisalign. Instead of having to say no to some of your favorite foods and treats like you would with regular braces, Invisalign works differently. Simply remove your aligners before eating, and you’re good to go!  

You want to make sure to wash and rinse your mouth before reinserting the aligners, but for most people, that’s well worth it to be able to eat what you want and get great results. With Invisalign, you get to experience flexibility when it comes to your lifestyle, that would not be the case with traditional orthodontic methods.

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